How does the Pagoo site work?

1Sign Up or Sign In to Pagoo to enjoy all the features. Without logging in you cannot access information about other users. Nor can you vote, follow, block, join in the discussions or subscribe to forums.

2Browse through the forums and subscribe to all or just those that interest you. When you are subscribed you will eventually be able to publish your own stories in the forum to share your ideas or discoveries with fellow Players. To publish stories first requires that you establish a reputation. You will need to be a signed up member for at least one month and have at least 100 posts with 200 up votes. This is to ensure you are not simply a troll or a spammer. Spam is a major issue on social media sites such as Pagoo.

3Alternatively you can click on the menu item Stories(current) to go directly to a list of all stories. Also, look out for links on the right hand sidebar to pinned stories as well as the most recently published stories.

4Once you have read a story, join in the discussion by posting replies to the story as well as to other Players' posts. You may publish reply posts even when you are a user new to Pagoo.

5At any time you may click on the follow icon, or vote on posts and stories you like.

6If you are logged in you can click on any Player's icon to get more information on that user, including the stories and posts they have authored. Alternatively you can select Users from the main menu to go to a summary page of all the users you follow. Eventually you will be able to go to a wall of posts and stories from your followed users.

7Each post and upvote earns you one point and after about 300 points you get upgraded to a Player. Among other advantages, this means you can start publishing your own stories on PagooLABS. The points must include at least 100 posts because we want to get to know you before we turn you loose on other players. And of course your stories must continue to adhere to our terms of service.

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