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    "post": "I could have made the difference between timezone and timeframe clearer in the story above. They are completely different animals that share a similar name.\r\n\r\n**Timezones** are the [north to south slices of planet Earth](https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/) that share the same time offset from UTC. So the EST timezone in the USA is currently five hours behind UTC. All points within that timezone share the same wallclock time.\r\n\r\n**Timeframes** on the other hand refer to the time represented by candlestick bars on trading charts. When a bar collects all the trades over a 5 minute time interval we say the chart is displaying the 5min timeframe (M5). The start of that timeframe is the open, the end of the timeframe is the close, the highest price printed in the five minutes is the high and so on. Similarly for the four hour (H4) timeframe which summarizes the OHLC bars over the four hours.\r\n\r\nTimeframes are important in the story above only because some timeframes, such as M5, are immune to which timezone the trader is in while other timeframes, such as the daily, are very much affected by when the timezone starts its day.",
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